Working towards my BA Honours Designer Maker Degree final exhibition - the trials and tribulations..

Where to start.. Well I began my degree in 2017 and had been due to graduate in 2020 but Covid struck! Just my luck hahaha. I decided to take this as a positive as I have had the time of my life, being able to learn such a variety of mediums such as ceramics, stained and warm glass, textiles, metalwork, print and I had been given another year in my happy place. I have had the opportunity to create a wide variety of work, hold exhibitions, enter competitions as well as plan for my creative future.

I have flitted between warm glass and metalwork, looking at ways to combine the two and by doing so has led me to my concept and potential final pieces. I intend to use my blog as a journal of my journey starting with my final exhibition. My concept for my work is the development of medicine over the years such as the recent search for a Covid vaccine or the new drug for Cystic Fibrosis sufferers which is changing their futures and been years in the making. I aim to create an installation featuring growths in Petri dishes, specimen jars and test tubes. The final display is yet to be decided and I welcome any ideas or inspiration.

I will begin by making moulds and then test pieces in order to create some exciting pieces. To do this I need to make some gel flex moulds from the inside of the jars, test tubes and petri dishes so they can be removed easily when covered in plaster. The plaster mix is made up of one part plaster, one part quartz and one part water. This is mixed by hand and poured into the cups I have the placed the gel flex pieces in upside down. As this isn't my favourite part of my making I do this in batches so i have enough to be getting on with for a while. When the plaster has set I removed the cups and gel flex and thoroughly cleaned them. The mould are then ready for the glass to be added. Let the fun commence........

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