How it all began....

It is important to mention first how the idea for the petri dishes and test tubes came to fruition. I had been working on my studio practice module when i began to add metal inclusions to my cast glass. Some of the results were very interesting, resembling growths. I was then approached by recent graduate and artist in residence at the time Estelle Burton, who's work I greatly admire, to do a collaboration for Pewter Live 2020. The theme was the Roaring 20's and our concept for our entry was to be the birth of Penicillin as it was created by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1928. This is where the idea to create petri dishes and test tubes first came about. We were in the process of creating a series of petri dishes and test tubes, with the possible addition of a conical flask with inclusions of pewter with the addition of pewter accessories and tablets. This was a project that we were both very excited about.

Sadly, due to the National Lockdown Pewter Live 2020 was cancelled and we had to abandon our project. We had hoped to re enter this year but were unable to due to the ongoing restrictions. As I had been working on something very similar for my final exhibition project I decided I would revisit our ideas and develop them for my final exhibition. I have created inserts for petri dishes, jars and test tubes and am currently working with Jaytec Glass who are creating some vessels for my inserts.

To develop this idea for my exhibition I have created a series of inserts for jars, test tubes and petri dishes. I have

played with various metals and oxides creating a range of effects. I have used the bullseye Glass reactions chart when picking colours and have developed three dimensional forms on my petri dish inserts using modelling glass and wire. I have taken inspiration for my final display from Edmund De Waal and Stefan Dams Cabinet of Curiosities to create a thought provoking installation about the hard work going on behind the scenes that can be so often taken for granted.

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