Getting Lost in Making...

It has been a while since my last post... I got lost in the studio!

I have created a lot... multiple pieces of glass with a number of

different inclusions. I have also been doing a lot of written work

for my professional practice module which looks at moving

forward with our careers as makers. Having now nearly finished

all the written work I can turn my attention back to my final exhibition

piece. I am at the stage now where I need to think about how I am

going to display this. I have been looking at other artists who create

multiples such as glass artist Stefan Dam or ceramicist Edmund De Waal

who both of clever ways of displaying multiples. My dream would be to

have the test tubes hanging from a frame made from clear Perspex. The

Petri dishes would be mounted on a wall, protruding, not flush with the wall

and the jars would either be grouped on a clear Perspex shelving unit giving

the appearance of floating objects. Would love this to happen but will have to

see if its allowed first. I will post again in a couple of weeks with an update on this.

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