Artist Profile

Kay Ford Glass and Metal artist began their professional artistic journey while studying on a BA Honours Designer Maker degree at the University centre Hastings. Whilst in the second year Kay Ford received first prize in the students decorative arts section at Pewter live 2019 and a commendation in the students section of the open competition and has their own approach to - and definition of - art. She is a member of the Contemporary Glass Society and Just Glass and believes in constantly taking risks and believe that inspiration can be found wherever they look. To find out more about their philosophy, feel free to get in touch.

The Oyster


Artist Profile

My name is Kay Ford, I am a mother of five and live in Eastbourne with my children. I am currently a third-year student at The University Centre of Hastings, studying for a BA Honours Designer Maker degree. My main medium is warm glass, I like the fluidity of the material and the strength and fragility it combines. I create functional and contextual pieces using inclusions and I enjoy using the process of Pate de Verre. I also produce work in pewter, a very forgiving soft metal that I mainly cast into moulds, and I currently have a range of cast pewter shells. In May 2019 I received first prize in the Decorative Arts students section at Pewter Live, and a commended in the students open section.  
I take inspiration from memorable events and memories, be it holidays, people or childhood memories. I also have a strong interest in the human mind; how powerful it is and how traumatic events or childhoods can influence adult life. I like my work to be thought provoking and reflect these memories and project them to the viewer to either see my memories or be reminded of their own.  
I am currently working on combining pewter with glass to create a body of work commemorating the developments in medicine, such as the recent search for a vaccine. This is a subject that many will resonate with and is close to my heart after watching the difference in treatments between my two sisters who both suffered from Cystic Fibrosis. While this is my experience there are developments in all areas of medicine giving the viewer their own perspective of my work.